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Emilie was selected Best Director at the Sweden Film Awards in 2021 for her recent short film 'CYKLER' ('CYCLES'). She also garnered various laurels and awards from the Sweden Film Awards, San Diego Latino Film Festival, and Cult Movies International Film Festival in 2021 and 2022 for her dark comedy short film 'Dead To Me'. 

In the midst of the pandemic, Emilie had the pleasure of directing a Covd-safe shoot with the inimitable Usher for a 20 minute concert video, and a virtual interview with him for the 2020 Global Citizens Award.


Previously, she had won Best Director at Moving Parts Film Festival in 2019 for her short film, 'Los Angeles, Fuck You'. The film was awarded Official Selections at the 2020 Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema, the 2020 California Women's Film Festival, the 2020 L'Auteur International Short Film Festival, the 2020 St. Francis College Women's Film Festival, and An Award Winner at the 2020 Moving Parts Film Festival. 

Emilie's dual Swedish / American citizenship allows her to work and live internationally. Currently living in Stockholm, Sweden she writes and directs dark comedy. She has worked in production and with the camera department alongside her mentor, Par Ekberg, and she has had the pleasure of shadowing director Jonas Akerlund, and writer, director / showrunner, Marja Lewis-Ryan.

2022 VOYAGE LA Article:

Photo by Alex Marsh King

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